April, p. 3 - koto noito, pieris, trillium

• Acer palmatum 'Koto-no-ito':

SJG 4/24/11 - Acer palmatum 'Koto-no-ito', Japanese maple - new leaves - courtyard garden, entrance area A

• Pieris Japonica: 

SJG 4/24/11 • Pieris Japonica, Andromeda/Lily of the Valley shrub - flowers (white) and new leaves (red) - vis a vis wisteria trellis, Area L, E side of the E path

SJG 5/11/11 • 17 days later: same pieris japonica (L),  next to enchianthus 'pagoda bush' (green, R),
between rounded azaleas

• ???

SJG 4/24/11 • rhodie? (S of tea house)


SJG 4/26/11 • Trillium - West side of the WPA bridge, Area Y;  photo by Lynnda

SJG 4/26/11 • Trillium close-up; Area Y; photo by Lynnda

• Polystichum munichum; sword fern:
SJG 4/26/11 • Polystichum munichum; sword fern -new fronds (all over the Garden); photo by Lynnda

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