MAY, p. 5: Still more rhodies & 1 tree peony

• 2-tone Rhododendron 'Quakeress'; azalea:

SJG 5/26/11 •  2-tone Rhododendron 'Quakeress'; azalea - corolla white, with pink sectors;
E side of the W path. coming to the bridge, Area V.
(There is another clump of the same azaleas further north, past zig-zag bridge, in the Area Q)

SJG 5/26/11 • 2-tone Rhododendron 'Quakeress'; azalea, close-up

• Paeonia suffruticosa:

SJG 5/26/11 • Paeonia suffruticosa, Tree Peony - pink flowers early spring;
S bed of Azumaya - only one flower so far; Area T

SJG 5/26/11 • Paeonia suffruticosa, close-up

• Rhododendron yunnanense:

NOT azalea - Kathy explained that the easiest way to tell rhododendron from azalea is to count stamina or stamens (from Latin stamen meaning "thread of the warp" - the pollen producing reproductive organ of a flower):   rhododendrons usually have 10 stamen stalks, while azaleas have only 5 of them.

SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron yunnanense, whitish pink corolla;
E side of Azumaya; Area T

SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron yunnanense, close-up

• Rhododendron 'Gaiety'; azalea:

SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron 'Gaiety'; azalea - corolla has 2 shades of pink,
next to the tree peony,  S border bed of Azumaya, not blooming much yet, buds mainly;
Area T  (5 more on the E side of Azumaya)
SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron 'Gaiety'; azalea, close up
Kathy, i didn't see no 2 shades of pink, but maybe after it opens more?

• Rhododendron 'S-1-G'; azalea (Wells):

SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron 'S-1-G'; azalea (Wells); double corolla carmine pink,
E side of Azumaya; Area T

SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron 'S-1-G'; azalea (Wells), close-up

SJG 5/26/11 •  Rhododendron 'S-1-G'; azalea (Wells)

• Rhododendron mucronatum 'Sekidera'; azalea:

SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron mucronatum 'Sekidera'; azalea - some flowers pink, some white,
on the W path, close to zig-zag bridge; Area V

SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron mucronatum 'Sekidera'; azalea, close-up

• Rhododendron selense:

SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron selense - corolla cream with red dots;
mostly buds & some flowers; E side of the W path,
S of Princess Michiko birch tree; Area V

SJG 5/30/11 • Rhododendron selence, 4 days later,
almost in full bloom; Area V

SJG 5/26/11 • Rhododendron selense, close-up

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