JUNE, p. 3: the burning bush that wasn't

• Euonymus alatus, winged spindle tree:

SJG 6/9/11 • Euonymus alatus, winged spindle tree - leaves vivid red in fall
(The tree, NOT the bush underneath it);  corner where Azumaya and W paths meet, Area R

SJG 6/9/11 • Euonymus alatus, winged spindle tree; close-up of what? flower? fruit?
HELP! area R

This is a write-up on Euonymus from 'Sunny Gardens':
Burning Bush Euonymus, Winged Euonymus, Winged Spindle Tree

In temperate climates, these deciduous or evergreen shrubs, small trees, ground covers or evergreen climbing vines are valued for their foliage and form. Use larger types as landscape plants, and prune to shape and control growth. Fruits are colorful, with pink, red, orange or yellow hulls. Their orange seeds attract birds. Flowers are inconspicuous. All grow in most soils. Some evergreens tolerate city and coastal conditions and are hardy in cold and hot climates. Water moderately until established. Prune to shape at any time.
More on its habits here...

Kathy just added that Ohio State University has an excellent website for landscape plants with good pictures and info. Here is their entry on Euonymus alatus:
[...] • Trunk:

brown and slightly fissured, usually multitrunked and branching very low to the ground
with advanced maturity, some shrubs (especially the species form) can be limbed up into multitrunked tree form, or truly "specimen" shrub form. (AHA!)
[...] • Translation:

Euonymus translates as "good name" (used ironically, since this genus once had a bad reputation for poisoning cattle).
alatus (sometimes alternatively spelled alata) translates as "winged," referring to the corky stems of the species form. [...]
More here....

• Rhododendron arborescens, sweet azalea:
SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron arborescens, sweet azalea - fragrant flowers in summer;
white corollas with red pistils; (the bush UNDER the tree);
corner where Azumaya and W paths meet, Area R

SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron arborescens, sweet azalea, close-up, only in buds now

This is a write up on Rhododendron arborescens from US Forest Service:

Smooth azalea is named for its fragrant flowers that are white to pale pink in color with five red stamens that extend well beyond the petals (known as exerted stamens) are quite showy. In the fall, the foliage turns deep red to purple in color. 
More here...

And a confession:  the azalea under the euonymus tree (= burning bush) DOES have remarkably fiery red leaves in autumn and is shaped just  like the fire bush on my street, so I have been telling tall tales for years, pointing to it and claiming it's fire bush while ignoring the real fire bush above it, which is trained like a tree. Oh, well, live and learn...

• Rhododendron hybrid, azalea:
SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron hybrid, azalea - corolla pink;
coming to the zig-zag bridge, by Acer palmatum  'Samidare', Area Q
SJG 6/16/11 • Rhododendron hybrid, azalea -
same azalea, a week later, blooming fully

SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron hybrid, azalea, close-up;
this hybrid seems to have hose in  hose flowers?

• Rhododendron mucronatum 'Sekidera', azalea:

SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron mucronatum 'Sekidera', azalea - some flowers pink, some white,
on the W path, close to zig-zag bridge; Area V.
Note that it's almost done blooming here -  earlier pic of bloom starting on 5/26 is in MAY, part 5 chapter

• Acer palmatum 'Koto-no-ito':

SJG 6/9/11 • Acer palmatum 'Koto-no-ito';
coming to moon-viewing platform  on W path, area V

SJG 6/9/11 • Acer palmatum 'Koto-no-ito';
close-up bamboo-like leaves
I will soon do separate post on 'Koto-no-ito' leaves, changing color through seasons - here they are changing from green to red hues...

• Rhododendron calendulaceum, Flame azalea (D = deciduous):

SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron calendulaceum, Flame azalea (D)
- corolla orange red; Area V

SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron calendulaceum, Flame azalea; close-up, Area  V

• Rhododendron hybrid:

SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron hybrid; Area H
Actually, I'm not sure about this one - there are only azaleas listed for area H, no rhododendrons,
and this big and 'in your face' showy plant must have a better description than just  'hybrid'.
It attracts the eye from the  W path, as it blooms right  over the pond.

SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron hybrid, close-up; Area H

• Rhododendron 'Bagdad', azalea:

SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron 'Bagdad', azalea; AREA? confused...
It was on one of the the short-cuts, W path, E of the tea house...
Probably Area F
SJG 6/9/11 • Rhododendron 'Bagdad', azalea; close-up,  AREA?
(W path, crossing the stones E of Tea house)

• Water- lilies or lotus?

SJG 6/9/11 • water lilies. Not in the plant book. Photo by Lynnda.
They look like lotus, but I'm told lotus is tropical, or near tropical flower,
does not grow here, in Seattle,so must be type of water lilies. 

Actually, just found out that this type of red water lily is called Nymphaea 'Attraction':

Blooming Time: Day
  Flower Description: 6 to 8" flowers; inner petals are deep garnet red; outer petals are lighter; cup-like shape becomes stellate; slight fragrance
Leaf Description: 10 to 12" green leaves; new leaves are light bronze; spread of 4 to 5'
Comments: Free flowering; good cut flower; inner petals subject to burning; vigorous; tolerates partial shade; will grow in water up to 3'; tolerates summer heat better than most red water lilies

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